Leavenworth Photographs

The R.C. Leavenworth Photograph Collection spans many years. Through Leavenworth's photos, one can "travel" from the horse-and-carriage days to the age of the automobile!

R. C. Leavenworth started out photographing lumbering and mining camps in northern Michigan, using a horse-drawn darkroom. He relocated to Lansing, Michigan in 1919 to document Lansing's transformation into a major industrial city and automotive capital. For over a century, Leavenworth Photography has shot hundreds of thousands of images that tell the story of industry, business and social life in Michigan's capital city. With subjects as diverse as street scenes, car parts, workers' strikes, vaudeville troupes and football games, Leavenworth lived up to the slogan plastered on the door of his company car : "Anything photographed, anywhere, anytime."